Paola Cattani

Dr Paola Cattani is tenure-track Professor in French Literature at the Università di Roma Tre. She received her PhD from the Università di Pisa in 2007. She was a former student at Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and École Normale Supérieure de Paris, and a post-doctoral fellow at Collège de France in Paris. Her research focuses on the idea of Europe in interwar literary debates, and, more generally, on the relationship between French twentieth-century literature and politics.

She is currently editing the political works of Paul Valéry (P. Valéry, Écrits politiques, forthcoming) and working on a project about the intellectual debates on Europe within the League of Nations (1932-1939) and the criticism of liberal democracy. Her key publications include: Le Règne de l’Esprit. Littérature et engagement au début du XXe siècle (Florence, 2013); Les écrivains entre responsabilité et création littéraire (1914-1939), co-authored with Jean-Baptiste Amadieu, special issue of Romanic Review (forthcoming); Paul Valéry e le arti visive (Pisa, 2007); ‘Europe as a nation? Intellectuals and debate on Europe in the inter-war period’, History of European Ideas, 43/6 (2017), 674-682.

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