Matthijs Lok

Dr Matthijs Lok is a Senior Lecturer in Modern European History at the European Studies Department of the University of Amsterdam. He studied European history at the Universities of Liverpool, Leiden, and Yale. In 2009 he took his PhD at the History Department of the University of Amsterdam. Lok specialises in the comparative political, cultural and intellectual history of modern Europe since the 18th century. He is a founding director of the Amsterdam Seminar for Global Intellectual History. He was a member of the board of the De Moderne Tijd (Belgian-Dutch Society for Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Studies), and of the board of the ARTES Research School (theme leader ‘European Identities and ideas’).

Recent key publications include: Progress and Providence: The Conservative Imagining of Europe in History Writing, ca. 1780-1850 (forthcoming); with Robin de Bruin and Marjet Brolsma (eds.) Eurocentrism in History and Memory (Amsterdam, 2019); ‘The Congress of Vienna as a Missed Opportunity: Conservative Visions of a New European Order after Napoleon’. In Beatrice de Graaf, Ido de Haan, and Brian Vick (Eds.), Securing Europe after Napoleon: 1815 and the New European Security Culture (Cambridge, 2019); ‘A Revolutionary Narrative of European History: Bonneville’s ‘History of Modern Europe’ (1789-1792)’, History, 103/356 (2018), pp. 434-450.