Florian Greiner

Board Member

Dr Florian Greiner is a Lecturer at the University of Augsburg. He studied History, Political Science, and Public Law at the Universities of Freiburg and Vienna. He then completed his PhD at the University of Potsdam with a dissertation on perceptions and constructions of ‘Europe’ in German, British, and American newspapers in the age of the World Wars. His research focuses on European, American, and transatlantic history in the 19th and 20th centuries, the history of European ideas and integration, as well as on culture, media, and public history. He also works on the history of dying and terminal care after 1945.

He also works on the history of dying and terminal care after 1945. Amongst his key publications are: with Frank Bösch and Ariane Brill (eds.), Europabilder im 20. Jahrhundert. Entstehung an der Peripherie (Göttingen 2012); Wege nach Europa. Deutungen eines imaginierten Kontinents in deutschen, britischen und amerikanischen Printmedien, 1914–1945 (Göttingen 2014); Jan Vermeiren (eds.), The Bonds That Unite? Historical Perspectives on European Solidarity, special issue of European Review of History, 24/6 (2017); ‘A Part of European History? Historiographical Narratives of the Age of the World Wars after 1945’, History, 103/356 (2018), 469-484.

For more information on Greiner’s research, see: http://floriangreiner.de