Fernanda Gallo

Board Member

Dr Fernanda Gallo is a Teaching Fellow in Politics at the Department of Politics, Languages and International Relations at the University of Bath and researcher within the SINERGIA project on Milan and Ticino (1796-1848): Shaping the Spatiality of a European Capital at the University of Lugano, where she obtained her PhD. She previously studied Philosophy at the University of Naples and also holds a Master in Civic Studies. Her research interests are on nineteenth-century political thought, the history of the idea of Europe, transnational European history, Hegel and Hegelianism, as well as Italian politics and history.

Amongst her publications are: Dalla Patria allo Stato. Bertrando Spaventa, una biografia intellettuale (Roma, 2012); ‘Philosophical revolution and the shaping of European consciousness: Bertrando Spaventa’s “La filosofia italiana nelle sue relazioni con la filosofia europea”’, Phenomenology and Mind, 8 (2015), 212-225; ‘The Shaping of European Modernities: Neapolitan Hegelianism and the Renaissance, 1848-1862’, History, 103/356 (2018), 451-468; and with Axel Körner (eds.), Hegel in Italy: Risorgimento Political Thought in Transnational Perspective, special issue of Journal of Modern Italian Studies, 24/2 (2019).

Also see: https://researchportal.bath.ac.uk/en/persons/fernanda-gallo.